Volunteers Wanted: Patient and Public involvement and engagement (PPI/E) in mesothelioma research

Invitation to take part in health care research
University of Surrey

The University of Surrey are about to commence the second phase of a study on the involvement of people with mesothelioma and their carers/family to improve PPI/E with researchers and the mesothelioma community.

They are seeking to recruit ‘Research Champions’ who they will support and train (on-line) to facilitate ‘Meet the Researcher’ events and conferences on mesotheliomas throughout the UK. They will then follow up these events with a short interview.

If you would be interested in becoming a ‘Research Champion’, have had a diagnosis of mesothelioma or are a carer/family member of someone with mesothelioma they would like to hear from you.

Date: Between May and September 2020

Contact details: Dr. Fiona McGregor ( Fiona.mcgregor@surrey.ac.uk )

(A Love2Shop voucher of £25.00 and reasonable expenses will be offered by way of thanks for participating)

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