Victims Support

At the Asbestos Support Group Advice Centre we offer victims emotional and practical support. Asbestos victims do not want charity or sympathy that they have been denied the right to a happy and healthy retirement. They have been disabled by a material they were told until quite recently by Government Factories inspectors was safe, that same material is now killing them. Victims often feel a great deal of bitterness, they find it extremely difficult to gain DWP benefit.

Archive material from the vaults of Manchester based Turner & Newle show that the company was aware in 1954 of the health effects associated with asbestos exposure. This coupled with the realisation of having an illness, sometimes terminal has led asbestos victims to feel a great deal of anger and bitterness towards society. Sometimes this bitterness is turned inwards leading to alcohol abuse compounding an already worsening family crisis.

We provide an information and advice service for victims and we also prepare and represent asbestos victims at medical tribunals and medical appeals tribunals.

Help victims collect information for civil compensation cases. Enable victims to gain access to social and medical services and make life more comfortable and independent.

Help overcome the isolation of victims by developing social and community activities.

Maintain a home call out service for victims to ill to travel.

Evidence is increasingly pointing towards an increase in quality of life and an increase in the length of life for terminally ill patients, who take an active part in regaining control over their own lives. We believe by bringing together victims of asbestos to support and encourage each other in taking part in the struggle to gain recompense and justice for their plight, and become advocacy for their own and fellow asbestos victims is the best therapy available to them.

Continue to campaign for a hospice for victims of asbestos related diseases.

Gaining compensation for victim is both financially and morally important to them. Financially it is important to victims to know their families are financially secure after their death. Morally it can never make up for the loss of ones health, but gaining compensation is seen by the victims as a recognition by society of a wrong done to them.

See how compensation helps from this thank you letter

Dear MAVS,

This is not a letter say “I’m leaving you!!!” but a letter of sincere thanks and gratitude for all the help, compassion and kindness shown to both my husband and myself whilst trying to persuade two very adamant “workers” that we needed to make a claim and for ages we were just too proud to do it. Thank goodness, your patience and persistence eventually succeeded and now that I no longer have my lovely husband I cannot thank you enough for helping to make my life financially secure. I can now put in the Gas and Electric without worrying, not worry about paying the bills and even buy some clothes!!!

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all your kindness and hard work. Your very sincerely Molly, widow.