Merseyside Asbestos Victim Support Group

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We Support Victims And Their Families

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Breathless, a documentary story of the global asbestos killing machine
Thursday 22nd November

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What does Merseyside Asbestos Victim Support Group do?

We offer a completely free and confidential services to victims of asbestos related diseases and their families on Merseyside and further afield, which include:

  • DWP and other state benefits associated with Asbestos related diseases.
  • Practical assistance in the completion of all appropriate paperwork.
  • Representation at all DWP tribunals.
  • A drop in centre for sufferers and their families so they can talk to someone who truly understands.
  • We provide a home visiting service to anyone who can not travel to our office.
  • Family support at inquests.
  • Access to a data base to help with location of witnesses for victims. (completely confidential).
  • We comply with the Solicitors' Introduction and Referral Code (see link - Solicitor Referral Code).
  • The services of the Merseyside Asbestos Victim Support Group (MAVSG) are provided to the victims of Asbestos related diseases and/or their families at no cost.
  • We provide links to organisations who may be able to help you on any questions. For further details, please contact other groups in the UK.
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Our story

The group is run by victims of asbestos related diseases and their families. We are a voluntary organisation and a registered charity.

We formed our group after a public meeting was held in Liverpool on the 3 February 1993 to discuss asbestos related diseases. We found there was a need for a specialist asbestos victims support service. The Support group was formed by victims of asbestos related diseases and their families The meeting was sponsored by the Liverpool Trades Union Council and Health at Work (formally Liverpool Occupational Health Project). The late Eddie Loyden MP for Liverpool Garston assisted the group in its formation as did the former MP for Walton, Liverpool Mr. Peter Kilfoyle whose brother sadly died of mesothelioma. The present MP for Walton, Mr. Steve Rotheram continues to be our Honorary President.

The group was set up by sufferers of Asbestos related diseases and their families. The group's aims are to change and improve the lack of services and information available to victims of asbestos and their families. The group has assisted thousands of victims in obtaining Welfare Benefits and Civil Compensation while continuing to provide help and support where needed.

We have at present over 156 members and growing. We are a democratic organisation run by and on behalf of asbestos victims and their families. The majority of our Trustees are victims of asbestos or have lost a love one to an asbestos related disease.

The group was instrumental in forming the All Party Parliamentary Panel on Occupational Health-Sub Group on Asbestos which continues to meet and provide a focal point for change to the political land scape in regard to provision of services, treatment and funding to find a cure for mesothelioma. The group is a member of the Asbestos Victims Support Group Forum, the national umbrella group for parliament, victims and other bodies to improve the services to victims and their families.

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